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Parent Handbook

Every attending family receives a Glenridge Handbook which provides all the information they need to know about the school. Schedules, processes and procedures, rules, tuition, fees, fines, who to call, job descriptions, etc.

Parent Education

At Glenridge, parent education occurs in many ways, from presentations at general meetings, to articles in the school newsletter, to interactions with staff members in the classrooms.  The following is a list of recent topics covered at general meetings or in the newsletter. 

  • Setting Limits and Guiding Behavior
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Components of Positive Adult/Child Interactions
  • Literacy Development
  • Art
  • Preschool Science
  • Young Children and Nature
  • Multiple Intelligence
  • Temperament
  • Young Children and Media (TV, Computers, Video)
  • Finding an Elementary School

Kindergarten Search

Each year about half the parents start the search for a kindergarten. The Director works with the parents of graduating students to find the elementary school most suitable for their child. In addition, the Glenridge alumni can be very helpful in providing insight on the kindergarten search process and about the schools that they are now attending. Glenridge graduates go on to public and private elementary schools all over the city.

Other resources helpful in finding a kindergarten include:

Calendar and School Holidays

Glenridge follows the San Francisco Public Schools calendar.  However, during the first and last weeks of the school year, when the Glenridge classrooms are being set-up or dismantled, Glenridge is not in session.

School Holidays

Columbus Day
Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving Weekend
Winter Break (two weeks)
New Year’s Day, M.L. King Jr.’s Birthday
Lunar New Year, President’s Day
Spring Vacation (one week)
Cesar Chavez Day
Memorial Day

Additionally, the staff takes three teacher in-service days during the school year.


CCPNS LogoGlenridge Co-op is a member of the California Council of Parent Participation Nursery Schools (CCPPNS) a statewide community of parents and educators committed to teaching and inspiring families through parent involvement and mutual support. Parent participation nursery schools and preschools are founded on the principle that the best education will result from an active partnership among parents, teachers, and children.

CCPNS provides workshops for board members and speakers for parent education.

CCPPNS also provides a Consultant Service which offers immediate professional help of trained psychiatrists, psychotherapists, and counselors for short-term assistance and/or referral. The Consultant Service was established to help co-op families with all questions or concerns arising from any type of human relationship (i.e., child/parent, spouse, extended family, etc.) and situation (moving, family illness, depression, medication, divorce, etc.) at a discounted rate. Current families and alumni are eligible.


This section is for current Glenridge families to share information. All the links below require a password and authorization to access.


Glenridge families become very close during their years at the school and are encouraged to stay in touch and involved with the school and each other after they move on from Glenridge.  Recent graduates are welcome to come and visit.  Alumni families continue to have playgroups, participate in the auction, in the Alumni picnic, and keep in touch via the online communities.

Alumni who are beyond kindergarten and/or siblings may visit either program for 30 minutes at the beginning or end of a program. In this case, an adult must accompany the child and the Director should be notified in advance.

Glenridge Cooperative Nursery School, P.O. Box 31202, San Francisco, California 94131, Phone: (415) 586-2771