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The Glenridge Auction is the primary fundraiser for Glenridge Cooperative Nursery School. At the auction, attendees (current and alumni Glenridge families, extended families, and friends) bid on a variety of fantastic donated items. There are big boards and display tables of items for sale by silent auction as well as a live auction (with an auctioneer) for the bigger ticket items. The event is a fabulous party with great entertainment, delicious food, and lots of fun. At the auction you might get your holiday shopping done, find great bargains, and sign yourself or your kids up for fabulous experiences they won't soon forget. The auction is one of the most visible and fun ways that Glenridge families past and present come together as a community to support our school.


The proceeds from the auction (apart from Fund a Need which is specifically earmarked for a need) make up a substantial portion of the Glenridge operating costs. Here is a breakdown of the total school operating expenses and income.

Operating Cost Breakout


This is the biggest party of the year, where you can bid on hundreds of fabulous items, like vouchers to your favorite restaurant, wine tours, beauty treatments, books, toys, art — it's endless! You can also bid on our Live Auction items while enjoying appetizers, beer, wine and live music. You can also make a 100% deductible donation during Fund-a-need or try your luck at the Wine Raffle, and dance on music by a live DJ. Don't forget to bring cash for the Teacher Tip Contest and make sure to get there on time to secure your slots of your favorite Glenridge Sign-Up Parties!

Auction Glossary

Auction Tickets: There are no actual paper tickets to our auction, but there is an entrance fee that includes light appetizers, live music & live DJ. Tickets are $10/person and can be purchased online before the event! At the door, you can also pay for a beer and wine ticket for $10/person which covers you for the evening!

Silent Auction: You can bid on items by writing your bid number next to your bid amount until the table is closed. The bidder who has entered the highest bid amount at closing wins the item. Some items will have a Buy It Now price, when you write your name next to it, you'll know the items is yours! Make sure to make your bid at min bid increment or higher.

Live Auction: A selection of items will be auctioned live. You can bid on an item by raising your bid number. No worries: we don't do the fast-talking thing.

Fund-a-Need: Fund-a-Need is a direct appeal for donations (Fund) to support a specific need at Glenridge. The auctioneer will ask for pledges at varying levels starting at, for example, $1000 and working their way down. We encourage you to contribute at the level that is right for you.

Sign-Ups: Parties/Events where you can bid on a slot per person (sometimes the slots are fixed price) Don't forget, you and your partner will both need a slot if the two of you want to go!

Teacher Tip Contest: Teachers will compete for the highest total tip! Mame, Kerry and Jessie will tend the bar for 15 minutes each.

Wine Raffle: Enter to have a chance at winning one of two wine cellars of 50 bottles each! Each bottle is valued at $20 or over. Raffle tickets are $20 for one or $50 for three.


1. Upon arrival: Each person will be given a bidder number.

2. Silent Auction Procedures: To bid on silent auction items, write your bidder number on the bid sheet next to the amount of your bid. If your bid is the highest bid when the table closes, then you are the winner! You may bid on any item as often as you wish in order to win the item. The Emcee will announce the close of each table shortly before collecting bid sheets. An item may receive no more bids after its sheet has been collected, so get those bids in before the table closes!! Auction attendees are responsible for bids made with their bidder numbers.

3. WIN IT NOW: At the bottom of the bid sheet there may be a WIN IT NOW option. If you would like to pay the WIN IT NOW price and guarantee a win, enter your bidder number in the WIN IT NOW spot. Once a bidder has taken the WIN IT NOW option, the item is no longer available for bid. The WIN IT NOW bidder is the winning bidder and is responsible for the WIN IT NOW price listed on the item bid sheet.

4. Live Auction Procedures: To bid on live auction items, raise your bidder number during the live auction to place your bid. The auctioneer will call out bids as they are placed and the highest bidder on a particular item is considered the winner. The auctioneer has sole authority to determine the winning bidder. Auction attendees are responsible for bids made with their bidder numbers. A member of the auction committee will record the item sold, the bidder number of the winner, and the winning amount. This information is forwarded to the cashier for check-out.

5. Check-Out Procedures: After the live auction finishes, you will receive an invoice for the items you have won directly to you email account! We ask that you check the invoice and pay online - we accept cash, check, Visa or MasterCard as payment for auction items. If you're paying by card, then we kindly request that you pay the CC offset fee which helps keep our event costs to a minimum and ensure all the money we raise goes directly to Glenridge.
All items must be paid for before you leave the auction. Any item not paid for by the end of the evening will result in the winning bidder having forfeited his or her right to purchase the item. Please take note that all sales are final and there are no exchanges or refunds.

7. The Fine Print: All items are sold as is. Auction items are donated and are subject to mutual agreement or limitations. All auction items and services must be redeemed and used in accordance with these limitations. Where mutual agreement is required, please contact donor. The amount of your charitable deduction is limited to the amount of the sales price in excess of the fair market value of the item purchased.

8. Winning bidders: Please take items home tonight after payment. There will be no storage for items left at the auction.


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