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Glenridge students

Glenridge is currently full for the 2016-17 school year, but changes can occur during the summer. If you are interested in applying for our wait pool, please contact us:

We will tell you all about the school and send you application materials.

Admissions Process

The Application Process
There are three steps in the Glenridge application process. Parents of children who were born on or before September 1st 2014 are eligible to apply for the 20172018 school year.

  1. Attend a Prospective Parent Meeting (PPM)
    At the Prospective Parent Meeting, Glenridge parents and the director will provide information about parent responsibilities, cost, and the developmentally appropriate curriculum. There will be a brief tour of each classroom and a question and answer period. The PPM is for PARENTS ONLY; please do not bring children. PPMs are held at the school, rain or shine. The program begins at 11:00am and ends at about 12:30pm. If your child was born on or before September 1st 2014, then sign up for a Prospective Parent Meeting.

    Prospective Parent Meeting Dates (PPMs)

    • October 2nd (Sunday)
    • November 19th (Saturday)
    • January 21st (Saturday)
    • March 4th (Saturday)***

    ***Families who attend a PPM, tour the school, and submit an application by the priority deadline of February 15th 2017 will receive a decision letter by March 15th 2017 All applications received after the priority deadline will be considered based on space availability. Those families attending the March 4th PPM and touring afterwards will be notified in early April of enrollment opportunities.

    Get a map and directions to Glenridge.

  2. Schedule a visit to the school with your child
    After you have attended a PPM, you will be able to schedule a visit to the school with your child, where you will have an opportunity to observe your child in the classroom. You can speak to current Glenridge parents and staff members, who will answer any questions.

  3. Submit a completed application with $35.00 application fee
    You can pick up a Glenridge application at the PPM, and mail it in once you have completed the PPM and tour.

Commitment to Diversity

Glenridge Cooperative Nursery School is committed to maintaining a diverse and vibrant membership that reflects the healthy and enriching diversity found in San Francisco as a whole. This commitment is demonstrated through our actions in seeking new membership, in hiring new staff, in planning and executing our curriculum, in budgeting scholarships and special programs, and is embodied in our ongoing strategic plan.

Tuition for 2016-2017

The rate listed is per month. A slot is a 3-hour program.

  • 3 slots $273.00
  • 4 slots $364.00
  • 5 slots $455.00

Tuition is due the first day of each month beginning September 1. A security deposit in the amount of 50% of one month's tuition is due upon acceptance to Glenridge.

In addition to tuition, parents are required to participate in fundraising activities throughout the year such as scrip, auction, raffle and annual fund. Some of these have an amount that is required to be paid. See Fundraising section for more information.


A limited number of scholarships are available each year. Scholarship forms are available during the enrollment process and should be submitted to Membership. Membership reviews scholarship applications once per year; applicant and recipient names remain confidential. Scholarships are also available during the school year should a need arise.


Siblings must apply by February 15th of the year they wish to start school. At the time of application, the board will determine whether a family is in good standing. Alumni families in good standing will be considered for sibling preference. Families must pay the application fee for a sibling.

Immunization Policy

Effective January 1 2016, the California School Immunization Law requires that children be up-to-date on their immunizations (shots) to attend a child care, day nursery, nursery school, family day care home, or development center.

The immunizations required to attend Glenridge are:

  • 3 Polio
  • 4 DTaP (Diphtheria, Tetanus, and Pertussis)
  • 3 Hep B (Hepatitis B)
  • 1 MMR (Measles, Mumps, and Rubella)
  • 1 Hib (Haemophilus Influenzae type B)
  • 1 Varicella (Chicken Pox)
Your child’s Immunization Record must show the date for each required shot above. If you do not have an Immunization Record, or your child has not received all required shots, please contact your doctor as soon as possible to see what steps you need to take to get your child up to date on his or her immunizations prior to the start of school in mid-August.

Glenridge will not admit children conditionally, which means that children who are not current on their immunizations by mid-August will not be able to attend Glenridge, except as noted below.

If a licensed physician determines a vaccine should not be given to your child because of medical reasons, you must submit a written statement from the physician, who must be a licensed Medical Doctor (MD) or Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO), for a Medical Exemption for the missing shot(s), including the duration of the Medical Exemption. You will be responsible for completing the vaccinations immediately upon expiration of the medical exemption.

Residency Requirement

To be considered for enrollment at Glenridge, a prospective student and family must reside in San Francisco.

Glenridge Cooperative Nursery School, P.O. Box 31202, San Francisco, California 94131, Phone: (415) 586-2771