Glenridge Cooperative Nursery School
Glenridge Cooperative Nursery School

About Us

Dir. Mame Campbell in circle time

Asst. Dir. Kerry Yates on hike

Asst. Dir. Jessie Star Howell reading

Glenridge is a parent-participation, cooperative nursery school for toilet-independent children ages three through five years old. The school is located in San Francisco’s Glen Canyon Park and can be reached via an unpaved service road, which begins at the locked gate at the end of Bosworth Street in San Francisco’s Glen Park district. See address and directions.


Glenridge Cooperative Nursery School is dedicated to providing children with a unique child-centered learning program in one of the few natural environments left in San Francisco.

The benefits of the co-op for children are nurturing love of our environment, laying a foundation for learning, and providing socialization skills.

The benefits of the co-op for parents are allowing parents to actively participate in their child's education and providing a parental support system and a community for family development.

The Staff

Mame Campbell, Director
Mame has over 20 years of experience teaching preschool. She joined the Glenridge team in 1997 after having taught at Miraloma Cooperative from 1993-1997. She holds a B.F.A in Environmental Design from the California College of Arts and Crafts, a B.A. in Literature from University of Santa Clara and 36 units in Child Development from City College of San Francisco. Mame has continued to pursue coursework and professional development throughout her career, ranging from attending classes on supporting LGBT families in preschool settings to presenting at professional conferences in her areas of expertise, including teaching art and science to young children. She is a member of both the California Association for the Education of Young Children and the National Association for the Education of Young Children.

Jessie Star Howell, Assistant Director PM Program
Jessie joined the Glenridge staff in 2003. She holds a B.A. in Child Development from Humboldt State University and has the very special distinction of being a Glenridge alumna. She brings a love of children and nature to her work with us in the canyon.

Kerry Yates, Assistant Director AM Program
Kerry has been a beloved figure at Glenridge since 1983. He was Jessie’s teacher when she was at Glenridge and is thrilled to be working with her. Kerry’s experience and ease in the classroom are a gift to our school. Kerry is also a musician and a music teacher, and a proud grandpa.

Parent Teachers
Every family is required to teach in the classroom. One or both parents can teach. There are 5 parent teachers each day in the morning program and 3 parent teachers each day in the afternoon program. See Parent Participation for more information about teaching requirements.


The school is administered by the current families. Each family has a school job. There are board jobs, auction jobs, and general school jobs. The Vice President works with each family to assign the most suitable job. See Parent Participation for more information about family responsibilities.

2019-2020 Board of Directors

The school is run by the board of Directors. The members of the board are elected each year by the school’s current membership. Each year the board can change. The board members meet once a month.

President – Nisha Kapadia
Vice President – Veronica Reilly-Granich
Treasurer – Belinda Mak
Secretary – Jennifer Lopez
Co-op Council Rep – Amalia Gonzalez
Development Chair – Emily Beckman
Diversity Chair – Brianna Williams
Membership Chair – Elizabeth Martinez-Farhi
Personnel Chair – Shelley Estelle
Director – Mame Campbell

The School

The school has been located in the Silver Tree building in Glen Canyon Park since 1970. The school occupies approximately 3000 square feet in a two-story building that is leased from San Francisco Park & Rec. The morning program is upstairs with a large indoor space and a covered outside deck. The afternoon program occupies the downstairs classroom, which opens to a natural outdoor area surrounded by Eucalyptus trees along side a stream. No other structures can be seen from the school. It is truly amazing to be surrounded by nature in the middle of the urban San Francisco city.

The school occupies the building late August through mid-June. The school moves out in June and the building is used during the summer months for the Silver Tree Day Camp.

The Canyon

Glen Canyon was established as a San Francisco Park in 1922 and is bounded by Bosworth, O’Shaugnessy Elk Streets and Diamond Heights Blvd in the Glen Park neighborhood of San Francisco. Islais Creek runs through the canyon, right past Glenridge Co-op. It is one of the only above ground creeks in all of San Francisco.

The over 100 acre area of Glen Canyon has been a Gum Tree (Eucalyptus) farm, an amusement park, mini-zoo, 1906 earthquake refugee camp and rowdy company picnic ground before being purchased in 1922 by the City of San Francisco to be used as a park and recreation site. Read more about the history of the canyon.

In 1986 the Friends of Glen Canyon Park was created to maintain the park. The Recreation and Park Department declared Glen Canyon one of San Francisco’s six “Significant Natural Resource Areas” (the top category in the departments Natural Areas Program). For more information see:

Glen Canyon is a great place to hike. For information see the following hiking reviews:

The Neighborhood

Glenridge Co-op is located in the Glen Park neighborhood of San Francisco. Read more on Glen Park. Glenridge Co-op participates in the annual Glen Park Festival. Read more on Glen Park Festival.

Glenridge Cooperative Nursery School, P.O. Box 31202, San Francisco, California 94131, Phone: (415) 586-2771